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Online MBA in Nonprofit Management

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Provide Impactful Leadership Skills to Nonprofit Organizations

The online MBA in Nonprofit Management explores the essentials of leadership and how utilizing such skills in the nonprofit sector can benefit communities across the world.

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  • Duration 13-25 months
  • Cost per Credit $660
  • Credit Hours 36

Program Benefits

  • Examine the key aspects of nonprofit organizations
  • No GMAT required for admission with a minimum cumulative GPA of 3.0 or higher
  • Affordable tuition
  • Flexible online format in 7-8 week terms

Expertise to Lead Effective and Sustainable Nonprofits

Calvin University’s online MBA in Nonprofit Management focuses on the expertise necessary to design a nonprofit organization capable of raising the human and financial resources required for sustainability. Courses are taught by a faculty of expert educators with real-world experience in nonprofit management. With their support, you’ll build skills in finance, fundraising, and professional collaboration while exploring the interactions between nonprofit board members and directors.

The online MBA with an Area of Focus in Nonprofit Management can be conveniently completed through Calvin’s virtual classroom. As a student, you’ll have the freedom to access coursework and discuss course materials with classmates and professors at the time and place of your choice. Balance your education with your personal responsibilities and complete your degree at your own pace.

Career Outlook: Roles that Make a Difference

With an Area of Focus in Nonprofit Management, you’ll gain the leadership expertise and advanced problem-solving skills to make a positive impact through your organization. When you graduate, you’ll qualify for positions that are growing fast, including the role of fundraising manager. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, about 7,800 openings for public relations and fundraising managers are projected each year, on average, from 2022 to 2032.1

Other career opportunities for graduates of the online MBA in Nonprofit Management:

  • Program director
  • Community outreach coordinator
  • Finance director

Fundraising Manager


Fundraising managers develop strategies to increase donations for nonprofit organizations. They must have a strong understanding of donor behavior and coordinate beneficial fundraising events that promote the cause of their organization.1



Public relations managers plan and direct the creation of material that will enhance the public image of their nonprofit, including campaigns.1

Career Outlook

Curriculum: Courses Designed to Make an Impact

The online MBA in Nonprofit Management curriculum examines effective leadership practices, professional communication, and impactful strategies for nonprofit organizations. As a student, you’ll complete nine core MBA courses and three nonprofit management courses that include instruction on executive leadership, financial management, grant proposals, and more.

Course Spotlight: NOPM 607 Nonprofit Boards and Community Leadership

Nonprofit board of directors are integral to the process of governing and achieving effective community collaborations and public/private partnerships. This course incorporates and applies organizational behavior and theory to explore the leadership role, responsibilities, and interaction between board members and the executive director. Areas of examination include a comparison of different governing models, key questions to consider in board selection and composition, the responsibilities of advisory boards, working with committees, and the expectations of the board in the area of fundraising.

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Course Spotlight: NOPM 608 Nonprofit Financial Management

Why are some nonprofit organizations more efficient and stewardly than others? This course establishes a foundation in financial management for those with minimal or no experience in accounting. Areas of emphasis include knowledge and skills needed for distributing and managing resources, and for performing and using analyses and reports to effectively steward the financial health of the organization. Topics include key accounting principles, an overview of financial statements and how they are used in the budget development process and cash flow analysis, understanding the audit report, maximizing investment policy, and the responsibilities regarding government compliance. All of these will be looked at through the lens of ethical standards.

More Areas of Focus

The online MBA program offers five optional Areas of Focus that provide a competitive edge for your chosen business career path.

Master of Business Administration: Business Analytics

The MBA Area of Focus in – Business Analytics will prepare you for success in competitive marketplaces with knowledge of data wrangling, predictive analysis, and data visualizations tools.

Some prior experience with programming, statistics, and linear algebra is required.

Master of Business Administration: Marketing

This MBA Area of Focus dives into marketing strategy and allows flexibility to explore additional marketing or communication courses.

Master of Business Administration: Finance

The MBA Area of Focus in Finance clarifies advanced corporate finance. Explore additional topics through two elective courses.

Master of Business Administration: Applied Communication

The MBA Area of Focus in Applied Communication offers leading-edge advertising and PR skills.

Frequently Asked Questions

If you have a question we don’t cover here, request more information or call 1-855-474-8346.

Fulltime online MBA students can complete the MBA in as little as thirteen months.

Yes. The online MBA offers both part- and full-time options.

The first step is to complete and submit the online application. Applying to Calvin’s MBA is free.

You can start the online MBA program at six different start dates throughout the year, flexible to meet your needs.

You can select a general MBA that consists of 12 required courses and 3 additional master’s courses of your choice (in consultation with your advisor) to complete the program. The five available areas of focus – Applied Communication, Business Analytics, Finance, Marketing, and Nonprofit Management – are optional ways to complete the full 30-36 hours for your MBA. Learn more about the curriculum for the online MBA by visiting the program’s curriculum page.

Once you complete the online MBA program, you’ll be qualified for a variety of in-demand leadership careers, including roles such as top executive, fundraising manager, administrative services manager, marketing manager, and more. Visit this program’s career outcomes page to learn more about the professional opportunities that await you.

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