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Master of Education Online: Literacy Concentration

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Become an Expert in Literacy Instruction

Prepare to impart the gift of reading to diverse learners of all ages and backgrounds. Calvin University’s M.Ed. degree with a literacy concentration helps instructors develop their skills in literacy research and curriculum development. By graduation, you will be prepared to support teachers and students confidently.

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  • Duration 20–36 months
  • Cost per Credit $575
  • Credit Hours 30

Program Benefits

  • Qualify for the K-12 Reading Specialist teaching endorsement (Michigan only)
  • Complete in as little as 20 months
  • No GRE/GMAT required

Impart the Gift of Reading

Literacy prepares students for success in all areas of education. At Calvin University, you can explore how to meet the needs of diverse learners when you earn a master’s degree with a literacy concentration.

Once you complete the program, you’ll be able to recognize and diagnose reading difficulties, develop plans that meet the individualized needs of students, and encourage other educators to use research-backed literacy education practices.

Michigan-certified teachers who successfully complete this program and pass the Reading Specialist MTTC test will qualify for the K-12 Reading Specialist teaching endorsement.

Career Outlook

Influence Readers of All Ages

Literacy is pivotal for learning success. With an M.Ed. degree with a literacy concentration, you will be prepared for careers that transform the reading capabilities of students of all ages and backgrounds. Special education teachers, reading curriculum specialists, and literacy coaches and advisors can make a profound mark on learners and society.

Other Titles

  • Literacy specialist
  • Literacy coach
  • Instructional coordinator
  • Literacy advisor

Special Education Teacher

$59,780/YEAR 1

In this position, you would work closely with students who have diverse learning needs. Special education teachers develop lessons to meet the abilities of their students, as well as mentor other teachers and parents to influence student progress.

Curriculum Specialist

$64,450/YEAR 2

In this role, you could develop and implement curriculum, suggest materials, and coach other teachers. With the literacy concentration, you would focus on designing reading curriculum to positively impact literacy skills in students. 

Career Outlook


Calvin University’s Master of Education courses combine theoretical knowledge with real-world skills, including a practicum in your area if you’re seeking state endorsement. Our literacy concentration prepares students to design effective reading curriculum and qualify for a reading specialist certificate, depending on state requirements. By the end of our program, you will be ready to teach and support other teachers with confidence.

Course Spotlight:

EDUC 542 Reading Assessment and Responsive Instruction

In this course, participants consider the developmental, socio-cultural and cognitive aspects of literacy teaching with students of all ages. The course presents and critiques current positions from which literacy instruction is designed and delivered. It develops participants’ pedagogy as they learn to assess a reader’s abilities and develop instructional responses. Course participants undertake a case study to complement the course readings, discussion and other learning. Course objectives are met through a deep engagement with a student who has been identified as an “at risk” reader.

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EDUC 544 The Early Literacy Learner

This course examines the social practices and cognitive development by which children progress towards independent abilities to participate in reading activity. Course participants identify young learner’s diverse social-cultural memberships, language abilities and the environmentally influenced experiences that children bring to school. Participants explore the concepts and abilities necessary for the development of new literacy learners. Using research, theory and experience, participants explore, analyze, and practice classroom pedagogies that best nourish each literacy learner’s foundation towards independent abilities for reading and writing.


Master of Education: Inclusion Concentration

Calvin University’s M.Ed. degree with an inclusion concentration emphasizes inclusive school programs and classroom practices. By graduation, you will be able to create school-wide policies, programs, and practices that include all members of learning communities.

Frequently Asked Questions

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